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Increase your sales or service today by using the most powerful marketing tool in the world today " FACEBOOK !" We have a proven method of success we've built over the last 4 years and we're ready to use it to help your business or service. Here are some groups that could dramtically benefit by using our Full Facebook Service. Expose your business or service to tens of thousands of new people EACH WEEK and invite them to become your new Facebook Fans ! "


                                                                                     " Let us professionally run your Business Facebook Fan Page today! "

Full Service Speacialists
We create and run your Business Facebook Fan Page
for you with our proven method "

We have a data proven track record using our one of a kind method built everday over the last 4 years through trial and error. This highly-developed method WILL dramtically increase the amount of people that will see your business or service and become a Facebook Fan!


" NOBODY can do what we do today ! "


We are able to pin point people in any demographic in any location and fill your Facebook Fan base with people that may actually use your business or service one day. You want a group of people that live nearby if your store or service for instantance. We can fill your Fan Base with those that live in your area so you can build long term cutomer relationships.




~ We create a new Facebook Fan Page for your business or service. You do not have to get rid of the one you have if you already have one.


~ We run the day to day operation of your page and fill your Fan Base with people in your area, in areas you want to market yourself in, or by interests people have amoung other variables. Your new Facebook Page is about building relationships with current and new customers.


~ We post many times a week to highlight your business or service using our method and make sure the content of each post is interesting, informative, and direct those potential customers to become your fans.


~ Finally, When we have built a good Facebook Fan base we use our highly developed tools to really reach out to  thousands of new people every single week instead of the one or two hundred most pages reach today.


Our goal is to dramtically increase your online presence, build a fan base with people most likely to use your business or service, and bring it all together to drive a very large increase in sales !




                     " The fee depends on the amount of work

                                                    that needs to be done on a daily basis."


                     " The lowest price, The highest quality 

                                                   We strive to create value for our customers."



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   The future of marketing is here ! 



Cities/ Townships ~ Run a local bulletin board that links events or news in your community while promoting economic development and building community!


Bar & Resturants ~ Include menus so people can order online and pick it up, let thousands of people know about your live entertainment, daily / weekly specials, location, and personality, so much more...


Real Estate ~ Get those listings in front of more people with links to new properties, build long term realationships with a brand new fan base of potential customers.

School Districts ~ Increase enrollment today by safely sharing photos, creating community, sharing events, sports scores, sports links to streaming, school closings, school messages, surveys, and much more..


Community Groups ~ Churches, chambers, fund raising, community events, volunteers wanted, or if you need to reach as many people as possible in your area with links to donations for a community project/goal.


Retail Sales ~ Online sales, product information, store specials, branding, discounts, coupons, contests, location, links, marketing and more !